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Hardwood Bench Slats

We are BenchSlatsUK, a small team based in Leicester providing replacement Hardwood Bench Slats.

Our Story

It all started a few years ago when my Grandad asked if I would help him to restore one of his old benches. Having worked in carpentry for several years, I said “of course I would love to!” We spent some time together restoring his bench. The experience was amazing to see the finished product and bring life back to something my Grandad once loved. After helping a few other family members and friends I realised this was something I really enjoyed doing. This is where BenchSlatsUK was born.

I heard lots of stories about friends and families benches. I soon realised that many projects had great sentimental value. This is what drives us to produce great quality Hardwood Slats and to ensure each bench is restored to its former beauty.

There is no better feeling than bringing and old piece of furniture back to life! We appreciate a lot of these benches have a lot of history so our aim is to stick to the traditional design on the profile of the hardwood slats.

We try our up most to accommodate to any requests for customisations you might have. Any questions please send us a message through our contact us page.

We look forward to helping you with all your future restorations and can’t wait to hear your stories.


All of our Hardwood is provided by Approved suppliers. This means the wood comes from Sustainable forests. This is a natural, renewable solution for global environmental problems. Such as climate change, ecosystem destruction and landscape deterioration caused by increasing human consumption. Besides forming a natural ecological habitat, forests are an important carbon sink by filtering CO₂ out of the air.

This system allows businesses and consumers to identify, purchase and use wood, paper and other forest products made with materials from well-managed forests and/or recycled sources.

 There are many international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.

To find out more about Sustainability In forests, click here.

All of our Hardwood is Grade A quality, from FSC Approved Suppliers
Harry Ojari
Managing Director
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